Enjoy the incredible stories
and the most unique experiences
Central Europe can offer


Prague sights mystery

Discover the sights of Prague and get where others cannot. Our private tours of inaccessible places in Prague sights will fascinate you.

Opera behind the scenes

Vienna, Budapest, Milan, Paris. Experience the real behind the scenes of the opera houses in time of your favorite performance. After the end you will have an exclusive opportunity to meet the actual star of the evening in the backstage.

Experience the wilderness

Slovakia offers a unique opportunity to observe one of the greatest living carnivores – brown bear – in his natural environment. Get deep into the woods and enjoy a real adventure.

Looking for something specific? We’ll be happy to help!

Tailor made

You can select only standalone experience or you can stay longer and fully absorb the mood of a sacred place. Let us design the entire program according to your wishes.

Day as a king

Czech Republic

Enjoy your day like a real king in the middle of the royal summer residence Hloboká nad Vltavou. During the day you can go into the forest, hunt and catch your first deer and in the afternoon follow with catching your triumph 2m long huge fish in the local royal ponds.

Weekend in Budapest


Budapest is known as a green city full of parks, museums and a lively nightlife. Let yourself carried away by the private program, which will include everything typical for this metropolis. From private tours of monuments to experience nightlife, wine tasting, food tasting and go to places that are not know even by the locals.

Unforgettable week

Czech Republic – Austria – Hungary

In one week you can get as much as Central Europe can offer. From the „behind the scenes“ excursions of sights in Prague, Vienna and Budapest you can change active adventure program with the tasting of the culture and living in premium properties. Enjoy the hospitality of the region as much as you can!

And we can do a lot more! Let us prepare you a tailor made vacation.

About us

We created Dream Tours Premium as a unique model of a travel agency, which can arrange the most unique experiences in Central Europe.

Dream Tours are trying to find the most amazing ways in which we satisfy the most demanding clients from all around the world. Thanks to our experience with the most complex itineraries and true passion for preparing incredible experiences we guarantee satisfaction and enthusiasm for you or your clients.

I’m dedicated to travelling and collecting incredible experiences whole my lifetime and all my accumulated experiences we are now stating in reality. I care about the most demanding clientele and prepare also the most challenging itineraries including the experiential journeys throughout whole Europe.

I can guarantee a quality and professional approach to customer satisfaction, which we in Dream Tours Premium offer!