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Central Europe offers many stories, which you might not even know. We will be pleased if you get an inspiration and a better picture of what we can offer.

Opera insider

Let the stars sing only for you!

Let the stars sing only for you!

Vienna, Budapest, Milan, Paris. There is no greater cultural experience than opera. If you don’t have enough by the performance itself, we can elevate the experience even more. Your personal butler will welcome you with the glass of champagne before the show and introduce you to your program. During the break you enjoy the refreshment at your private table and maybe just on the roof of the opera house.

After the end of the show you will be able to pass through, as well as opera stars, to the backstage the whole opera. What an experience if you end up with the main performers of the evening, have a cocktail and talk together. If you wouldn’t have enough after all, the main singer can make the small private performance with the piano sound just for you (for example in private lounge Hotel Sacher in Vienna).

Day behind the scenes of Prague’s monuments

Get out where nobody else can!

Prague – heart of Europe, a historic gem, magnificent architecture and stunning historical monuments such as Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, the Strahov Monastery and the Astronomical Clock. Who doesn‘t know them?

We will allow you to get to know these monuments as yet nobody knows. You get into many locations, which visitors normally cannot access. In addition the greatest experts will accompany you on the monuments as your private guides. Are you interested in the view from the tower of St. Vitus cathedral, or how actually oldest Astronomical clock in the world does work? The only specialist in the world, who supervises the clock gladly, explains to you. Why don’t you finish the day with the cruise around the Charles Bridge, which in its interior hides a secret only several people know about?

Wine tasting at Danube River

Taste the best Hungarian wines from the deck of your private boat!

Get to the 3-hour sightseeing tour in the most beautiful part of the city, spiced up with a selection of the best wines, which can this country offer, introduced by our pop-up sommelier. Be aware that our pop -up sommelier can surprise you at any corner!

During the tour you will enjoy 5 courses wine tasting with small bites introduced by a professional sommelier in different spots. But it won’t be just spots – You can try the best wines on board of a luxury boat on Danube river, than continue to the terrace of the Castle Garden Bazaar so no spots will be just in the wineries.

James Bond or Charles IV

Do you want to dine like James Bond or the emperor Charles IV?

Come to Karlovy Vary – a city that cultivated the most significant Czech King Charles IV. Enjoy a unique dinner that will be served directly by the sound of the old organ in one of the most beautiful halls in the Czech Republic. Organ sound would be accompanied by a string quartet concert. All this in a town known for its thermal springs, architecture and true genius loci.

However, if you are more interested in present – Karlovy Vary are known not only for its international film festival, but also for the actual filming of Casino Royale. Experience the same movie night and enjoy the dinner at the same table as Daniel Craig James Bond.

Observing bears

Have you ever encountered a wilderness literally face to face?

In Europe you must really seek a True wilderness nowadays. Slovakia offers an absolutely unique opportunity to meet the wilderness with incredible amount of animals, which are not easily to be found. You can meet face to face with one of the largest carnivores living on the European mainland.

Together with an experienced ranger you will head into the heart of Slovak wilderness and he will show you how brown bears live in their natural environment and how they live in the forest with other animals. To make your experience perfect you spend eventually the night in the wilderness in a hut and savor typical food for woodsmen.

Spanish Riding School in Vienna

Enjoy the show horses that are protected by UNESCO!

Enjoy the performance of these horses is perfect itself, but we will rise it with experience from the very beginning. The Habsburg chambers at the school will welcome you with the drink and an expert will meet you and make you familiar with the history of the school and give you the information about the actual performance. Do you want to know more about the exact riding? The rider will personally explain you the riding technique and much more about horses.

Performance can be enjoyed along with expert commentary in your private box. To complete the story, you go after the show on a detailed tour of the stables and the horses themselves. And if you want to ride horses…

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